12 thoughts on “Wizard Product Review 233 7-1-15

  1. hope you get rid of that bloody cold Dave, as in this review your sure
    sounded quite shite,
    and all at the WPR have a great 2015, great to see your now stocking my
    HEAT in the shop even though you call it HOT HEAT….. 

  2. Get a copy of Karl Fulves ‘Self-Working Number Magic’ instead of the shirt.
    As a matter of fact get ALL of the Karl Fulves Self-Working magic books,
    they are worth many times the asking price and have dozens of brilliant
    tricks, many are even marketed as individual tricks. You can’t go wrong
    with the Tarbell book mentioned either. Many fantastic tricks and ‘core
    prionciples’ are taught. The only other book of equal value is the Mark
    Wilson Course in Magic (a book).

  3. Good show, but envelopes? Mark Leveridge has been doing envelopes for more
    years than I want to count and I’m SURE this one is a very minor variant on
    one of his ideas.

  4. the math on the shirt is convoluted to disguise the method slightly, so one
    has to remember which maths to deploy. This could have been manufactured
    better-with added effects. Example: ESP symbols then having multiple out
    UNDERNEATH the shirt, a extra piece with magnets for vanishes, perhaps a
    fold over trick. The shirt could have been a hoody with pockets, a cool
    color scheme, etc. Maybe like a image of an iphone.

    As far as the cognition trick-I would have used MYAN CALENDAR MONTHS as
    opposed to COG WHEELS. They could have also included the numbers in RED
    and BLACK alternating, to perform another effect incorporating binary code.

  5. O M G fail Cognition was the best / funnies thing I’ve seen ! :D :)

    A good idea would be to make a video of magician fails, seeing how we all
    fail A LOT haha !!! 

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