25 thoughts on “Wizard Product Review 17 12 14

  1. The shift had a quick appearance of a english bulldog for a quick couple
    seconds on episode 3. Don’t know if that really counts but hope so!

  2. talisman:an object, typically an inscribed ring or stone, that is thought
    to have magic powers and to bring good luck.

  3. with a better patter i can see the prediction being really strong, it is
    like forcing a card and having an envelope opened with a matching
    prediction, but what if you had taken out an advert in the newspaper
    leaving your prediction in there instead, exactly the same effect much
    massively different impacts 

  4. The secret box is just the original rattle box from magic makers. Nothing
    new just an old trick they changed the name and price to. 0%

  5. The original trick using the two card force is Daryl’s ‘Untouched’ or Nick
    Trost’s ‘Spectator’s Card Trick depending on which sources you look at. I
    have my own version of this which narrows the selection down to one card
    and has a prediction which adds the required ‘bit of theatre’ to the trick.

  6. I’m so confused… do they not know that the “Secret Box” is ages old?
    Known as the “Rattle Box”?? I’ve had this with this same method made
    exactly the same way for at least 10 years. I’m so confused by this rip off

  7. The prediction is a half decent idea but would be so much better if it
    didnt have those stupid medallions! Much better idea, forget the
    medallions, use 2 borrowed coins and have “copper” written on one
    prediction card and “silver” on the other, then as a kicker turn over the
    prediction cards to show the exact identity of the two borrowed coins used
    – Much better effect!

  8. magic fakers get worse each year-a rattle box and a RE-ISSUE of an ALDO
    COLUMBINI/TROST card trick done a decade ago. 90% yaaaa maybe for the
    ORIGINAL CREATORS—U failed to do your research-this is a rip off effect,
    nothing more.

  9. Prediction look alright the mandolins and the cards in the wallet add to
    the effect. It makes the trick more theatrical and creates a time delay. I
    don’t have this effect but the forcing of the two cards seems to be a count
    down force.

  10. The best Gypsy Thread trick I’ve ever seen was the one that used a helium
    balloon with a string hanging down from it. It blows all the switching
    theories out of the water and just looks cool.

  11. In the String Theory trick…did I actually see the guy switch the bundles
    of strings behind the girls back? They didn’t look anything alike. This
    is so awful it’s laughable.

  12. Only to be fair this is what is said on their ad coppies:

    History In Magic
    The exclusive rights of for this effect & product design were directly sold
    to Magic Makers from Terry LaGerould.
    Concept category dates prior to The Rattle Box found Professor Hoffman’s
    Modern Magic 1876
    (See The Vanishing Box by Magic Makers as a reference for a Professional
    Rattle Box)

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