25 thoughts on “Quick Tips From Internet Millionaire George Brown | Google Sniper 3.0

  1. Hi George. My name is Monique and I had a quick question. I am New to
    marketing and all that other stuff but I wanted to know if there was a
    phone number where I can speak to someone if I had specific questions on
    your Google Sniper??

  2. can you make that google sniper fo me free,and if it works ,,ill spread the
    good news here in the philippines :)) thanks

  3. Dude this is your apartment?? Looks super dodge for a ‘multi millionaire’ –
    just saying.. Oh yeah that 80’s couch looks like it needs a good steam
    clean too!

  4. Your all nuts if you think this guy is a fraud! We are working as
    affiliates as part of his Gsniper program, and looking forward to his new
    ‘predator’ program so Ofcourse clinking on our link and joining is making
    us money, but it’s all part of it. Believe me, you won’t spend any more
    than £190 before you start making at least 200 a day, and if you dnt
    believe us try it and get a full refund if the impossible happens and it
    dnt work for you. http://www.gsnipersecret.com/g3nco

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