One thought on “Nentenyehu with Islamic State of Obama Planning False Flag Nuclear Events in New York and Israel

  1. just to give y’all a follow up to Missing MH-17 and why the Little Horn
    hijacked that plane was for a False Flag Nuclear Attack on both Israel and
    New York. Launching into a Full Nuclear War under Pretence of Fighting ISIS
    and Destroying Damascus ultimately then of course crashing the Stock Market.

    Well that is easy with a False Flag Cyber Attack to blame Syrian Hack Army.
    Obama Nentenyehu and Peter the Roman have big plans. They have less than 2
    years calculating the 42 months Obama the Beast can continue.

    We have quite a few more planes that were hijacked after MH-17, and Holly W
    dreamed about Boeing 777’s as well as Airbus Planes being used for False
    Flag Nuclear Attacks to Blame Iran Syria and whomever else they want to
    Blame like Russia.

    Did I mention the Abomination of Desolation Standing in the 501c3 Church
    that use to be led by God but now Serves Satan with Rick Warren Joel Osteam
    and the Dope Pope.

    The High Place of Baal Worship!! o bamah this day thereof

    bamah is in the Bible and is the name of blasphemy

    Ezekiel 20:29 tells us, just in case you call Jesus a liar. Well this
    Channel don’t but I know many Baal worshipers who don’t know they worship
    Baal but they do!! He’s on the back of the Dollar Bill. Apollyon Rising!!
    New World Order. Enough

    Watch the Video!! If too much go watch Bugs Bunny videos´╗┐

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