25 thoughts on “NATURAL HAIR | Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Product Review & Demo

  1. Here’s my wash day w/ @carolsdaughter #BlackVanillaCollection, available at
    Target. #productreview #teamnatural

  2. I believe the aloe vera juice contained in the leave-in spray is what makes
    your wet hair feel stiff initially. I had the same issue with the Sacred
    Tiare Leave-in Spray. However, that spray works phenomenally on dry hair.
    I have a tendency to let my hair get matted and tangled, and the Sacred
    Tiare Leave-in Spray causes my knots to slip apart so easily. You may want
    to try it on dry hair accordingly.

  3. I have been using the black vanilla line for my daughters hair for about a
    year now and I truly love all the products in this line. Even strangers
    comment on how beautiful and shiny her curls look and she always smells

  4. I want to let you know how much I love your channel & your cute little
    angels… I know I’m late but happy new year & TFS

  5. Not a vanilla girl, but I love the Tui scented shampoo and conditioner as
    well as the Monoi shampoo and conditioner! Great review!!!

  6. Do you think it would be goof for me? I am 4C and detangling is sometimes a
    challenge. It’s been better but it’s hard sometimes I’m going to keep it
    real. I have a question if you don’t mind? What is good to use on my 4C
    hair if I feel its shedding to much? I remember you saying that Sky is 4C.
    Thanks for the vid, loved it. I was wandering about this line from Carol’s
    Daughter so I might try it now, at least that shampoo and conditioner and
    that smoothie. You got me thinking about that leave in. Idk? LOL!!

  7. I have been completely natural for about a year (transitioned for 6 months
    prior) my hair seems like it has reached a plateau no real growth in about
    2 months..any suggestions anyone??

  8. Your hair is so healthy! Love It! Haven’t tried the Carols Daughter line
    yet because its kind of $$. But a great review. 

  9. i used the leave in conditioner once i took it right back and just kept the
    shampoo i do not like that leave in it makes my hair feels really weird,
    I’d rather have a leave in thats not liquid based

  10. I only used the shampoo as a 2nd wash for the scent and slip and the
    leave-in conditioner spray for the smell alone. The leave-in spray tends
    to make my hair stiff if used on wet or dry hair. It’s to use for me as a
    great smelling holding style spray.

  11. I have always wanted to try this line of products but I was waiting until I
    finish the other products I have but you have persuaded me to go out and
    get them today. It’s my first winter with natural hair and I’ve been having
    a lot of breakage since the temp got colder. I think this line is
    moisturizing enough to keep my 4C hair moist throughout the winter. Thank
    you so much for sharing. Your hair looks so healthy! I can’t wait until
    mine is at your level and your daughters are your mini me’s, beautiful and

  12. How did your hair smell after a few days??? The last time that I used
    carols daughters products was when I had a relaxer ( a looong time ago) and
    after a few HOURS. It made my hair smell terrible and dirty. Maybe it was
    something I was doing wrong back then, but I was just wondering. 

  13. My daughter and I have 3c/4a hair, and our hair hates that leave-in
    conditioner. It just makes our hair feel dry and brittle. I bought it
    because our hair type is naturally dry and it said “hydrating”, but I ended
    up taking it right back. Lol

  14. Mix some of the leave in with water in a separate spray bottle. It works
    better when its a little more diluted.

  15. I didn’t like the leave in conditioner. It made my hair feel really dry and
    dull looking even with the LOC method. My 4c hair is already dry enough.

  16. I love the CD Monoi and Vanilla collection. I want to try the Tui and Hair
    Milk. I need to re-up on the Black Vanilla collection though. My hair be
    feeling like butter

  17. I haven’t tried the black vanilla line but the leave in, in the Tui line
    also felt the way you described that the leave in in this line felt. It
    made me feel like it was drying my hair out and didn’t have any slip. I
    really like for my leave in to have slip so that was a no go for me. 

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