20 thoughts on “NATURAL HAIR Ampro Gel Curl Enhancer Product Review

  1. I think your hair looks great. I’m staying away from glycerin, so this gel
    is a no. Have you considered flax seed gel? Your layers have grown out a
    bit. Do you plan on reshaping this year?
    As far as which day of the week I’d like to see your videos, I don’t really
    have a preference. 

  2. I have a question and I’ve been wondering this for a while now watching
    natural hair gurus if you pull my hair or blow dry it it is actually pretty
    long (about cleavage length or between collar bone and cleavage length)
    anyway once I get in the shower and wash my hair it shrinks like noooo tmrw
    when I pull one curl gosh is it pretty but it’s such tight curls once very
    wet .. If I want to do a wash and go do I have to wash my hair let it dry
    then just spray a little bit of water to make it show the pretty curls
    without serious shrinkage? I’ve been natural for over 3or 4 years now but
    usually have it in a protective style (box braids kinky single twist) 

  3. I use good old faithful 100% aloe vera gel, the brand is “fruit of the
    earth”. Goes on clear, good definition, dries somewhat fast and the style
    last me at least a week if I preserve it well at night. I find that gel to
    be very moisturizing plus can be used on skin, literally turns into water
    when I put it in my skin. And it cost about $3-$4 a Walmart :)

  4. Early in week would be good for uploads, people tend to be more busy on
    weekends. Can we get an update on the rest of the fam’s hair journey? I
    miss the girls and Mr. Me, y’all crack me up every time! 

  5. My hair is Afro can you dig it puff so wash n go’s doesn’t really make my
    hair look good. And I would like to see your videos everyday, you been
    missing for a minute, I miss you.

  6. Hi, Nic, I’ve noticed most “curl” enhancing products will have a
    moisturizing effect on your hair. They’re not meant to give your hair a
    great hold. Have you tried spritzing your hair with a setting lotion? Apply
    it right after you’ve achieved the look you want. This method should give
    your style a little more hold control. 

  7. +Nik Scott Welcome back girl! I usually use fruit of the earth’s gel to do
    my wash-n-gos. However, it does take FOREVER to dry. I would like to use
    mousse instead, that is if it had good holding properties.. Thanks for the

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