25 thoughts on “Microwave Corn Popper – Product Review

  1. One layer of kernels is the area you failed in complying with the
    instructions. In addition, Is your microwave 1100 watts and set on HIGH?
    Did you freeze the Pop Corn Kernels in the freezer for freshness as some
    people do, which could cause pop problems? How old or fresh was the pop
    corn. None of these other reasons were discussed, to see if the pop corn,
    was the problem, but the most visible evidence of your failure is that you
    placed 3 times the amount of pop corn into the mix and that is where I can
    tell you don’t know what 1 layer of pop corn means. These other factors I
    mentioned could also be an area that you cannot ignore when doing a
    supposed end user test and then declaring it as a failure. Lastly, those
    that eat popcorn without oils and butter are in the puny minority, so if
    you eat pop corn in such a way, dry and without Oils and any BUTTER and
    SALT, of course its going to taste lousy, because of course no one eats pop
    corn in such a way, except for the minority. Anyway, that’s my opinion on
    the matter. 

  2. just put a layer of kernels in a paper lunch bag and put it in the
    microwave and bam, so much easier

  3. 2:08

    “I don’t wanna overdo it and make this fail and have it be my fault”

    You just overdid it, and you made it fail and it is all your fault. I have
    this product and it came in a box and instructions, that clearly said to
    put in a quarter of a cup of kernels. 

  4. Okay. Uh. One question…..why is it that you seem like you buy so much
    from Wal-Mart? I only ask because…when a Wal-Mart moves in, it kills any
    small businesses that were there first, and most that are around it and
    hardly any move in near it when there is one.
    Oh and….I like my popcorn from popcornopolis. ;)

  5. Jack just put a layer of kernels at the bottom of a brown Lunch bag and
    microwave it for a few minutes until the popping slows down

  6. you put waaaay too many kernels, you can tell by the fact that the
    container was completely full with a ton of unpopped ones left in the
    bottom. also if you had the right ammount the kernels might have popped in
    the 2:45

  7. Easy microwave popcorn
    Take a brown bag pour pop corn one layer into brown bag just fill the
    bottom ,ad oil if you want next food down the top of bag just a little just
    so popcorm won’t pop out next put your popcorn in your microwave with
    popcorn setting and bam microwave popcorn 

  8. I like my popcorn with a lot of salt and a nice amount of butter. Every now
    and then I’ll sprinkle some cheese salt on there, too.

  9. You did it wrong you were supposed to pull the lid off and then when you
    want the butter that’s when you’re supposed to put the lid on so what
    life’s all the moisture out my dad has one and it works perfect for him

  10. it worked… you and your channel just butch about products so you can get
    it for free or get your money back after you use it!!!!! cheap!

  11. We’ve had the same experience. That said, pop corn is more complicated than
    you might think. It has to have the right amount of moisture in the kernel,
    and the heat can’t creep up on it, the cooking environment needs to be hot.
    A microwave needs to be at least 1100 watts for this product to work; and
    the popcorn had to be really fresh.

    Pop corn can be refreshed by putting it in a sealed jar with about a
    teaspoon of water. Let it sit till the water is gone. 

  12. My review

    It’s supposed to be better/simpler than popcorn bags

    Mine busted, I did everything correct with fresh kernels and a 1000 watt or
    so microwave, and I opened the door and it 3 big chunks of glass fell off.
    Probably because it’s NOT tempered and it’s cheap glass

    Air popper or bags are better.

    Waste of 20$

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