25 thoughts on “Eggies – product review

  1. I have these, no problems ! I read the instructions first. I think your
    review was biased. You should read the instructions first. Must be a man
    thing :)

  2. Hold on, don’t most people crack eggs with two hands? If you do that, how
    are you going to hold the egg separator to put the egg in there? Hmm..
    Someone else has to hold it for you?

  3. Your review is the only one I could find who had trouble getting the eggs
    out. Maybe its just something your doing wrong.

  4. Why not put the egg in the container then screwn the ring on. Instead of
    cracking the egg into the small hole

  5. the “egg separator” looks like the one used with the Ez-Cracker egg cracker
    machine thing… and unless I’m mistaken, the reason for the egg not
    willing to come out of it’s plastic shell is probably due to suction, if
    there were a tiny hole in the bottom to release the suction it MIGHT
    release easier…but I’d have done the very same thing with shoving it all
    back in the packaging and throwing it back at the store for selling it…
    lol keep up the good work

  6. Hilarious! I have to show these reviews to the kids. They want everything
    on tv. Thanks for doing this!

  7. Very informative “Egg-periment” LOL…I know when I saw the infomercial for
    this, I thought to myself Oh give me a break, You’ve gotta be “Yoke-ing’
    LOL..Ah enough puns from me, I just couldn’t help it though. Your reviews
    are awesome. I subbed to your channel :-) 

  8. Lol. I laughed from the point you threw the egg divider! If you ask me just
    one more thing to wash!! You are too funny! Going to subscribe!! 

  9. Honestly sometimes you act a little barbaric when things fail. I guess it’s
    humorous to some, but after a while it gets old. This hasn’t stopped me
    from watching though, haha I’m addicted even if you annoy me from time to

  10. Yeah< I found these in a house I am cleaning out. unopened.. they were
    fortunately only 5..dollars.. I didn't buy them though.
    When I found out there were 4 parts.. I said FORGET IT!.

    What is wrong with people? There is a thing called an EGG CODDLER that
    does the same thing and isn't made of plastic that the Brits use… only 2
    parts to those.

    How did this product ever get on the shelves. Someone didn't think that
    through very well. i could see the inventors going into the SHARK TANK and
    hawking their product and getting laughed off the stage.. Idiots!!! 

  11. the other thing…. regardless if you did “something wrong” or not is
    beside the point. Out of the BOX this is TOOOOOO complicated to just avoid
    having to peel an egg!. If you KNOW how to boil an egg properly you won’t
    have trouble peeling an egg. You are an idiot, in fact. This product is
    for fools who are too easily parted with their money. There are too many
    parts, for one.. Too many steps.. ALL to avoid peeling an egg?? REALLY?
    This is a perfect example of what is wrong with rampant consumerism….
    Thanks for the demonstration.

  12. Mine only cost $1 at Dollar Tree and I (of course) found out the same thing
    as Jack, i.e. eggies are useless and a waste of money and time.

  13. It is quite interresting to see how much harder it is and how many more
    steps it is to get boiled eggs.

    They must have tested this system right? They must had feedback like “Yeah
    it is without peeling but it is allot of work”

  14. how dumb is this thing …..eggs already perfect for boiling why put it in
    some plastic gizmo then waste 15mins washing it after cuz you spray oil all

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